CDL General Knowledge Test

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1. The distance that you should look ahead of your vehicle while driving is about _____ at low speed.
2. Which vehicle will have the most difficulties staying in its lane during a strong wind?
3. Which of these statements about certain types of cargo is true?
4. Which of these is NOT a danger of a rough acceleration?
5. You are driving a long vehicle that makes wide turns. You want to make a left turn from Ocean street onto Atlantic Street. There are two left turn lanes (marked A and B) on Ocean street. You should:
6. Which of thse about alcohol is NOT true?
7. A vehicle is loaded with very little weight on the drive axle. What may happen?
8. You are driving a vehicle at 55 mph on dry pavement. About how much total stopping distance will you need to bring it to a stop?
9. You must drive on a slippery road. Which of these is a good thing to do in such a situation?
10. To prevent a load from shifting, there should be at least one tiedown for every _____feet of cargo.
11. When driving at night, you should use your low beams when oncoming vehicle is within how many feet?
12. What should you do if you are unsure whether you have enough overhead clearance.
13. To prevent brake fade you should:
14. Turn signals should be used:
15. When going down a long steep downgrade you should always:
16. You are starting your vehicle in motion from a stop. As you apply power to the drive wheels, they start to spin. You should:
17. To help you to stay alert while driving, you should:
18. The purpose of the retarders is to:
19. Which of these statements about driving in areas with strong wind is true?
20. Which of these is a good thing to remember about using mirrors?
21. You are driving a vehicle that could safely be driven at 55 mph on an open road. But traffic is heavy and other vehicles drive at the speed 35-mph, though the speed limit is 55 mph. The safest speed for your vehicle is more likely to be:
22. Medicine used to treat the common cold.
23. You should signal continuously while turning because
24. Which of these is true about proper use of a steering wheel?
25. To correct a drive wheel braking skid, you should:
26. The bridge formula:
27. You will be placed out of service for 24 hours if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at least:
28. Your vehicle will be put of of service if _____ or more leaves in any leaf spring are missing.
29. Which of these is true about commercial vehicle habit of swinging wide on turns?
30. One can recognize hazardous materials by looking on the container:
31. Which of the statements about pre-trip inspection is true?
32. How do you correct a rear-wheel acceleration skid?
33. When driving in cold weather your tire tread should:
34. Which of these lights cannot be checked at the same time?
35. Over weight, over sized loads:
36. When it is necessary to learn how a frie extinguisher works?
37. Which of these statements about brakes is true?
38. You are driving a heavy vehicle. You must exit a highway using an off-ramp that curves downhill. You should:
39. Which of these is true about hours of service?
40. The primary cause of fatal crashes is:
41. What keeps an engine cool in hot weather driving?
42. You must keep the papers about hauling hazardous materials
43. When exiting or entering on a curved freeway ramp, you should:
44. You must park on a side of a level, straight, four-lane divided highway. Where should you place the reflective triangles?
45. Stab braking should not be used on vehicles with:
46. Why it is important to shift gears correctly?
47. You are driving a 40-foot vehicle at 55 mph. The road is dry and visibility is good. What is a least amount of speed that you need to have in front of your vehicle?
48. The tread depth on a fron steering wheels tires should be:
49. You wish to turn right fron one two-lane, two-way street to another. Your vehicle is so long that you must swing wide to make the turn. Which of these figures shows how the turn should be made.
50. What kind of optional equipment (except tire wrench) could be in your vehicle?

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