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Helping Our Veterans Find Careers

Preparing for separation from service in the United States military can sometimes be a scary proposition. Many individuals entered the military fresh out of high school, with no measurable job skill sets, or specific career plans. The military offers a tremendous opportunity for an individual seeking a solid direction for their life. However, at the […]

Trucking Industry Welcomes Veterans

“Serving in our nation’s armed forces is one of the highest callings an American can have,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “Today, we thank all of them for their sacrifices.” Graves also pointed to recent ATA-supported changes that have made it easier for returning vets to smoothly transition into civilian jobs as truck […]

Trucking Company Sued in Oklahoma Crash that Killed Four College Teammates

gavel and scales

DALLAS, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson in Dallas has filed a negligence lawsuit on behalf of a 19-year-old college student who was critically injured when a distracted tractor-trailer driver collided with the van carrying her and other members of a college softball team last month in Oklahoma. Four young […]