Helping Our Veterans Find Careers

Preparing for separation from service in the United States military can sometimes be a scary proposition. Many individuals entered the military fresh out of high school, with no measurable job skill sets, or specific career plans. The military offers a tremendous opportunity for an individual seeking a solid direction for their life. However, at the exit destination of this journey, it helps to have guidance and assistance.

That is where Troops to Careers can help. Troops to Careers offers veterans exiting the military career guidance and help. One of the primary roles of Troops to Careers in assisting in connecting United States military veterans with employers looking to recruit those who have served in our military. They also can help locate a vocational training institution that is approved to receive G.I. Educational Benefits and begin the veterans to a career. Finding the assistance to obtain employable skill is vital to success.

Troops to Careers understands this transition. They have been assisting in the connection of veterans to civilian job recruiters for years. And presently, Troops to Careers is scheduling their 2017-2018 base tour. The tour will include approximately 50 visit to United States military bases to meeting with those preparing for separation. Troops to Careers is presently seeking sponsors who will partner with the organization to provide this valuable assistance. Businesses and vocational institutions interested in sponsorship may find out more about the tour by clicking here.

Troops to Careers is part of the Veterans Resource Network. The Veterans Resource Network is an approved non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Where many groups focus on funneling troops to a specific career field, Troops to Careers is there to coach and consult troops on where to find the best fit for their lives. Whether the desired career is trucking, IT, heavy equipment, or many other available careers. The ultimate goal of the organization is to make sure our nation’s heroes can lead productive civilian lives, taking care of their families.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the coming year, send your email to Someone will reply to schedule a time to review the opportunity.